Best Hamster Cages for Your Furry Friends

Pets, like people, are happier and more engaged when their surroundings are dynamic and interesting

Looks like someone is hunting for a new home. Help him out.Unsplash

The plain pet cage has been boring ever since the 1980s when the novel Habitrail model arrived on the scene and changed hamster homes forever. Make your hamster’s house a home with our favorite hamster cages.


The cage portion comes away from the plastic base so it’s easy to dump and sterilize.Ferplast

Upstairs features the dining area with an included contrasting food dish and water bottle. Then when it’s naptime, your pet can head down the hamster-friendly ramp for some repose. Downstairs, your hamster can burrow into the bedding hidden under the top floor. Your pet will enjoy the exercise wheel hopefully as much as we love watching our hamster run around it. This hamster cage can host parties by using the port, even letting you connect your cage to others. We love how easy it is for your kids to clean this cage.

A real home

At almost 3 feet long, it will provide plenty of square footage and room for your friends to roam.Prevue Pet Products

The heavy wire cage is chew proof, and the wires are spaced 3⁄8 inches apart to keep pets in and keep everything else out. We love the deep, over 6-inch, hamster cage base, so the mess stays in the cage and off the counter. The spacious interior offers you lots of areas to put in toys, feeding stations, and maybe an exercise wheel. There are two big doors on the top and side, so it’s easy to put both hands in and get your hamster out safely.

Everything you need

Bright colors, fun toys, and a matching food bowl and water bottle are included.Midwest

Treat your hamster to a hoedown. It’s like two cages in one. The deep base provides a great place for your hamster to rest and relax after a fun day at play. The top has a little hamster hang out, an exercise wheel, and a couple of play tubes to crawl through. The see-through side on the top of the play area comes out for easy disinfecting. We love how there are connector tubes so you can hook this hamster cage to other ones for hamster play dates.

Explore and relax

Designed to keep your pet from getting stuck on the ramps, ladders, or sides, you can feel confident you’re providing an enriching home.PawHut

With several levels of fun, this multi-level hamster cage is brightly colored and comes with everything you need to start caring for your hamster. If you’re looking to provide a stimulating environment for your pet, look no further. We decided if we were hamsters, this is where we’d like to live. Ladders, lots of play tunnels including the big one at the top, and a little house are all provided with this set. We love that your hamster can find a way to exercise, explore, and relax.