Best Rain Barrels to Help You Conserve Water

These simple tools can help conserve our planet’s vital resources


October 15, 2021
Rain can be stored in properly designed barrels for use in watering plants and other food sources. Pixabay

Water is crucial to our lives. We need it to quench our thirst, to grow our food, to clean our bodies, and more. Whether you are an avid gardener, or have water seeping into your basement, rain barrels can be a great tool to help with water collection and reuse. Here are our favorite rain barrels and why we like them.

RTS Companies Inc Home Accents 50-Gallon ECO Rain Water Collection Barrel Made with 100% Recycled Plastic Spigot, Black

Easy to use

Perfect for those who want to save space, this model can sit flush against any wall. RTS

Made out of 100 percent recycled plastic, the ECO Rain Barrel is designed for easy, long-lasting use. Worried about debris or insects infiltrating the system? Fear not, as this barrel includes a plastic screen and a plastic spigot shut off valve for that very purpose. For simple and efficient rainwater collection, you can’t go wrong with an ECO Rain Barrel.

FCMP Outdoor Rain Catcher RC4000 Rain Barrel, 50 Gallon

Maximum storage

These are designed to connect multiple barrels to increase water capacity. FCMP

The Outdoor Rain Catcher makes collecting water a breeze with a large opening and even some side spigots to connect multiple barrels. Need a solution to excess water flow? How about the ability to expand your water collection? This child and pet safe barrel is designed to direct excess water away from foundations, and to connect multiple Rain Catcher barrels for maximum water storage.

Rain Barrel, DIY Kit, Used Food Grade Barrel, Upcycled, 58 Gallon Size

Safer water for consumable plants

Made from previously used food-grade drums that produce safer water for fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Gallon

This product offers a DIY barrel made of food-grade, repurposed plastic that users can modify to suit their water collection needs. Not all rainwater barrels are created equal. That’s the philosophy behind this kit. With an easy-to-use twist top lid and a break-away spigot, this 58-gallon barrel allows you to customize it how you see fit. This DIY kit is perfect for beginners and experienced rainwater harvesters alike.

VINGLI 50 Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel, Portable Water Storage Tank, Rainwater Collection System Downspout, Water Catcher Container with Filter Spigot Overflow Kit

Foldable and easy to store

No need to worry about leakage or punctures, it’s made from PVC frame and anti-corrosion PVC mesh fabric. VINGLI

This collapsible rain barrel is made from high-quality materials that make it easy to store and reuse, year after year. For those who want to harvest rainwater but also want to maximize your outdoor space, this rain barrel is for you. With eco-friendly materials and an innovative foldable design, this rain barrel is durable and easy to store in your garage, utility room, or shed. Best of all, assembly is easy!

Good Ideas Imp-L50-GRY Impressions Palm Rain Barrel, 50 Gallon Palm

No leaking

This BPA-free barrel is self-draining and contains a built-in overflow to prevent water damage. Gallon

This self-draining, palm planter-top barrel combines form and function to collect water in a unique way. Who says rain barrels aren’t attractive? The Impressions Palm Rain Barrel not only looks great with its palm trunk finish and planter top, it also allows you the convenience of using a hose and spigot simultaneously. Makes rain harvesting easy and fun.


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