Best Cities For Hockey? Here are 10

Two Florida cities made WalletHub’s list of the best cities for hockey
A hockey fan celebrates in the stands
We’ll give you one guess which town topped WalletHub’s list. Pixabay

While hockey may not have quite the draw of football, basketball or baseball, it’s still a big money maker. In fact, NHL revenue is expected to hit a record high of $5.7 billion this season. It’s also an exciting time of year for hockey fans in the lead-up to the Stanley Cup finals. The teams that have qualified are the Florida Panthers and Vegas Golden Knights – neither of which has won an NHL title to date.

So for all the diehard and rookie fans, WalletHub crunched the numbers to determine the best places for hockey enthusiasts. Two Florida cities made the Top 10 – hopefully, you’ve figured out which two.

Best Hockey Cities:

  1. Boston
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Detroit
  4. New York
  5. St. Louis
  6. Denver
  7. Tampa
  8. Newark
  9. Sunrise, Fla.
  10. Raleigh, N.C.

How were the rankings determined? WalletHub compared 75 cities with at least one college or professional hockey team. Metrics included the performance of teams (championship wins, division wins, etc), average ticket price per game, fan engagement, stadium capacity and more.

Some other tidbits from the study:

  • The Boston Bruins’ performance level, 66.60 percent, is two times better than that of the Anaheim Ducks, at 33.47 percent.
  • Sunrise, Fla., (home of the Florida Panthers) has the lowest average ticket price for an NHL game, $41.79, which is 3.1 times lower than in Seattle, the city with the highest at $130.85.
  • Las Vegas has the highest attendance rate for NHL games, 104.20 percent, which is 1.9 times higher than in Buffalo, N.Y., the city with the lowest at 53.70 percent.
  • New York has the highest team franchise value, $1.610 billion, which is 3.6 times higher than in Glendale, Ariz., the city with the lowest at $450 million.

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